Music Style

NM takes elements of sountrack styles of the '80s and adds dark overtones which provides for a thematic listening experience. NM relies heavily on electronic instruments sometimes complimented with live performance instruments. To-date, NM songs contain no lyrics.

Our Purpose

NM exists purely as a creative outlet to express our emotions and thoughts to music and sounds. We thank you for your support.

Our Latest Work

Barren Worlds released April 7, 2021 on all major music streaming and digital music vendors.

Members and Guests

Perry Charles Horner

  • Perry is a native of Glendale, Arizona whom has been intrigued with electronic music from a very early age. Soundscapes, moving soundtracks, and film special effects sounds have influenced his musical storytelling. His electronic instrument that kicked off his creative endeavors was the Korg Poly 800. From there, the fun with waveforms started.

Thomas Hackett

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